Afghan Hound dog breed | Baluchi Hound dog breed

Afghan Hound dog breed | Baluchi Hound dog breed
Afghan Hound dog 

The Afghan hound Dog is constructed on greyhound-like lines, sanctioning this dog to execute a double-suspension gallop and run down the fleet game. The relatively short back and steep pelvis helped the Afghan to leap nice heights and to show virtually in situ, essential attributes for the hunt in a rocky mountainous piece of land. the massive feet provided higher foothold and were additional immune to injury on rough ground. The silken coat protected the dog from cold nights at high altitudes. The Afghan seems dignified and distant, with AN exotic expression and proud carriage. The gait shows nice physical property and spring, and also the dog moves with head and tail high.


Afghan Hound dog breed | Baluchi Hound dog breed

With roots qualitative analysis to the Egyptian pharaohs, the Afghan hound is associate ancient breed derived from the cluster of geographical area sighthounds. Despite such illustrious roots, most of the Afghan Hound’s development is that the results of their use by unsettled tribes as hunt hounds capable of providing tiny animal meat for the pot. 

The dogs are typically afraid with the help of falcons, that were trained to swoop at the quarry. Generations of looking within the harsh mountainous parcel of land of Afghanistan made a quick dog that additionally had an honest deal of stamina, however, most of all, had unimaginable bound ability and lightness. The Afghan’s long coat provided protection from the cold climate. These dogs remained isolated for hundreds of years, hidden within the impenetrable Afghanistan Mountains. 

the primary Afghan hound came to England within the early 1900s; at that point, these dogs were referred to as Persian Greyhounds or Barukhzy Hounds. They were a various heap, therefore, a type of perfection—modeled on Zardin, a very hanging dog—that represented the additional elegant, racy dog of these days was created. quality grew slowly, with the dog appealing largely to the glamour set. quality within the show ring was quicker coming back, with the Afghan quickly changing into one in all the foremost competitive and glamorous dogs within the rings. within the Seventies, the Afghan became a cult breed with the general public, however, has since dwindled in quality.


The Afghan hound is often a one-woman or one-family dog. don't rummage around for this hound to thirstily greet your guests. additional probably, he can offend them by being indifferent to their presence. whereas some hounds might bark once or double once a trespasser enters the house, this breed isn't notable to be a decent watchdog.

The freelance thinking of the Afghan makes it a challenge to coach. This hound is mostly not motivated by food and doesn't possess as sturdy a want to please as several different breeds (Golden gun dog, as an example). although the Afghan makes a surprising presentation within the show ring, for example, quite one skilled handler has been embarrassed within the ring by a refusal to the cooperative. Even so, this breed is thought for outperforming different breeds once the choice to try to this is his own.

Rough handling will cause this dog to become withdrawn or gently antagonistic. mild handling, kindness, and patience work best with this breed, at the side of associate understanding that there'll be times once the dog merely won't work.


Afghan Hound puppy

Despite the glamorous name, the Afghan Hound’s heart lies in chasing down game over the rugged track. whereas these dogs maintain purple bearings within, Afghans would like a daily likelihood to stretch their legs in an exceedingly safe space. At times, they'll have a reluctance to come back once referred to as. they're going to chase little animals outside, and can exist peacefully within. tho' they will be light with youngsters, the Afghan might not forever be teasing and interactive enough with them. delineated by some as “catlike,” this breed is freelance however sensitive, and not too demonstrative. they're reserved with strangers; some are often timid. they need a contented, clawlike facet.


The Afghan hound desires daily travail, either within the kind of a protracted walk followed by a brief sprint, or ideally, an opportunity to run full speed in an exceedingly safe boxed-in space. This dog makes an excellent loved one and wishes a soft bed and outside access. Afghans are naturally skinny and bony. The coat needs some commitment, particularly once shedding the puppy coat; most adult coats would like brushing or hairdressing each 2 to a few days. Weekly bathing helps stop matting.


Major concerns:  none 

Minor concerns:  cataract

Occasionally seen:  death myelopathy, CHD, gland disease

Suggested tests: eye, hip, thyroidism

Life span: 12–14 years

Note: sensitive to a drug of abuse anesthesia; susceptible to tail injuries




50-60 lb








Ancient times


Baluchi Hound

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